Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Isaac Timothy Rothell
born Monday, August 10th, 4:43am
7 lbs, 5 oz
20 inches long

I spent the weekend immersed in Ingrid's 47 hour labor. Monday my dear sister-in-law Libby came to be with the kids while I slept. Today I'm staring at my life, trying to figure out how to pick up all those balls I dropped and re-enter "normal".

It really is kind of disorienting. How midwives do this all the time!!!

On the other hand, it is so utterly incredible! Why am I not a midwife???

At some point I'd like to blog some of the experience, but I'll talk to Ingrid first to get the ok on that. :)

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becca said...

If you want to move to Rochester, we have a wonderful Nurse Midwife training program...