Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Slashed prices

I keep hearing about how people aren't shopping this holiday season, and about how panicked retailers are slashing prices to try to lure people into their stores.

I don't know about the "people not shopping" part. Today when I went to Kohls to get some needed clothing for the boys, I stood in a line that reached almost to the back of the store. And that was the short one. Silly me for actually believing that "people aren't shopping" and I could get what I needed quickly!

However, the "panicked retailers" part must be true, because I have NEVER paid so little for clothing before - not even at Walmart. Kohls had nearly everything in the store marked down, generally around 40-60%. They had also sent me a 30% off coupon in the mail (expiring tomorrow - hence the trip today!) and emailed me a $5 off coupon which could be combined with other discounts. Then when I (finally!) got through the line and paid, they gave me an additional 15% off just for using my Kohl's card.

I bought:
2 long sleeve onesies for Josiah (originally $17)
2 play/sleepers for Josiah (originally $16 each)
1 shirt for Jonathan (originally $14)

I paid $16.09.

The poor retailers. Maybe they'd make more money if they didn't give us so many discounts.

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mhcowen said...

I sure don't mind it. In fact, I am very grateful:)
I LOVE good deals...regardless of how long I may have to wait in line...unless you have 2 screaming hungry children with you. That is when I question the worth!