Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Our Advent season started off with Jonathan as an angel in his chapel class' part of the Advent pageant. The picture isn't great because of the very low light, but if you look carefully you can see him. It was adorable, even though only one of the little girls actually sang the song, and I'm not sure any of them gave the correct responses to the questions . Most of the children made faces, picked their noses, or sucked on their hands. They're three! :)

In the evening we set up our Advent wreath. Thomas tried to eat the candles:

but we rescued them and Jonathan helped set them up in the wreath.

Thomas looked on to make sure we did it right.

Then yesterday we made a paper chain to count down the days until Christmas.

It doesn't have any red loops because we were out of red construction paper. :)

Stay tuned for more advent activity pictures. Probably not every day (I'll be doing REALLY well to have activities, much less post about them!) but I do hope to get pictures of our best ones.

What are you doing for Advent?


Linds said...

For Advent, I'm grading papers! :)

Mom said...

Hooray for photos and the chance to post them on the internet! It's God's gift to grandparents, I'm sure :-)