Saturday, December 06, 2008


So my sister has convinced me to try CVSing. I'm not doing as well as she is right now, but I'm beginning, and today I was extremely pleased with a deal that I found at I Heart CVS. (Did you know that some people host blogs entirely devoted to couponing? Wow.)

I bought three packages of diapers and one package of wipes (items that I, obviously, would be buying anyway - we do use cloth diapers for Josiah but keep disposables around for when we're not at home or when I'm behind in the laundry!) Original total with taxes: $58.03

However, by using this promotion - free shipping and $10 off a $50 order
the coupon code "MASTERCARD" (all caps) - $10 off a $50 order
and the coupon code "MEDICARE" (all caps) - $5 off

my actual cost was only $33.03

You do have to use a Mastercard to pay for your order in order for the "mastercard" code to apply.

This was a better deal than buying the same items at Sam's Club, which is saying something!

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