Saturday, September 06, 2008


Thomas came through his surgery with flying colors. He wasn't himself until about 5pm in the afternoon, but from that point he's been doing beautifully. Today he hasn't even needed tylenol, and his chief complaint has been that we're not letting him eat crackers. We're such mean parents.

I finally got new glasses (they were years overdue) and am now trying to adjust my brain. It is protesting the process.

Yesterday, all night, and this morning I had millions of contractions (averaging about 7-15 minutes apart). Yesterday I kept telling myself that it was not yet ok to go into labor, because I hadn't yet bought any birth supplies, and Thomas wasn't in shape to go to someone else's house yet. This morning, since Thomas was doing so well, I figured that the weekend was a great time to go into labor and I might as well just get ready and see what happened. Unfortunately, as soon as I got home from Target (having bought the birth supplies!) all contractions stopped. Even though I knew that it was unlikely to go into active labor this early, I'm still discouraged.

My brain is tired. Real posts might resume around December.


Amber said...

December? That sounds optimistic... *grin*

I've about given up on posting. I'm good at writing them in my head, but when I sit in front of the computer I can't get anything out. Oh well.

I'm glad that Thomas is doing so well after his surgery, thanks for posting the update!

Libby said...

I'm so glad that Thomas is doing fine. Jonathan and I were praying for him on Friday.

ACMe said...

I'm glad that Thomas' surgery went so well! I was praying for him on Friday. :)I hope things get better for you!

emily wells said...

Hi Emily! This is Emily (Callihan) Wells, a friend of SarahMarie's. I found your blog from hers, and saw you are having a baby soon! Congratulations!! We are expecting also, about a week behind you (we will be 37 weeks on Wednesday), and I loved reading your posts because it sounds so similar to mine (except this is my first time, and you are a pro by now:-). Lots of contractions (and even some signs of preterm labor, like cramps, so I have to take yam tincture when that happens to slow things down... until Wednesday, then we get the all-clear), major nesting instinct going on, being forced to rest when I feel like I don't have time (when I want to nest!), using a midwife... we just moved about a month ago, so that speeded some things up (our little baby dropped, too, so I am hoping it will come soon, even though first babies are supposed to be late!). It was a little small after the move, but I have been eating extra protein and it has been catching up.

This is probably really boring to everyone else, so I'll stop now, but I just thought it was so cool how similar we were, and was really encouraged by your posts. I am so impressed with all you are doing with two little kiddos already! I will be thinking of you and praying for you in the next few weeks! :)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Hi Emily - I'm glad you dropped by! I remember your name from ETS/Schola, and I *think* I might even remember your face from pictures, although I'm not positive about that. :) Congratulations on your first baby - how incredibly exciting! It is funny that we're due only six days apart and having so many of the same symptoms. I wish you all the best with your birth (you said you're using a midwife - are you planning to be at home or in the hospital?) and a happy happy time as new parents!

Jenn said...

Yay, so glad to hear that Thomas is doing well! We've been praying.

emily wells said...

Thank you, Emily! :) We are really excited. We are having a home birth, but the hospital is only 3 minutes away and we have a Christian doctor there, just in case. :)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Emily, that sounds like the absolute best of all worlds!

Dy said...

I am ever so glad he came through just fine. You're in my thoughts and prayers this week. I sent you an email, although now that I think about it, I may have been too late???

Hang in there, December isn't as far off as it seems. (JOKING! Totally joking! Do not burst into tears! This pregnancy will end long before any major holidays come your way, and you'll spend the holiday season wrapped up with a warm, snuggly little one in your lap, one on the left of you, one on the right of you... heh, and you thought you'd get your lap back once this baby was born. *wink*)

{{hugs}} and happy thoughts!