Sunday, September 07, 2008

The births they "don't do" anymore...

Breech births have been anathema in hospitals for quite awhile now. Most doctors will tell you that it is an automatic c-section; a few will try to turn the baby around first.

BUT, if you get to the hospital really really late like Veronica did this weekend, and your doctor hadn't noticed (??) that the baby was breech in the first place, they do indeed "do" breech births. :)

Congratulations, Veronica!


Amber said...

Isn't that amazing how they didn't even notice the baby was breech? I know of another woman in blog-land who had a breech baby too, but they did a c-section because they did manage to notice when she was at about 4-5 cm.

It seems so ridiculous that the doctor wouldn't notice, because it is such an obvious thing if you take a minute to actually feel the woman's belly! I guess they are so used to relying on ultrasounds these days that they don't even bother to do that anymore?

Ma Torg said...

Ahh!! This totally underscores for me the irony when I hear people gasp at my homebirths and say, "But it is sooo much safer at a hospital!" Yes, if you need a c-section. In regards of other atypical yet not life threatening birth complications...not so much.

Both the midwives I had (I think Sue did this too) went to 3rd world countries for a month or more to deliver babies. They did this to get experience with all the complications that can learn how to cut episiotimies when deliver breeches and deal with shoulder dsytopia. A lot of experience that a lot doctors and nurses only experience by accident...not by choice. I feel MUCH safer in the hands of my midwife.