Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thomas' surgery

Thomas will have surgery tomorrow morning (Friday) at 7:30am to repair his tongue-tie. It is a short, simple procedure (as surgeries go) and we have no expectation of any problems. Still, he's going to be under full anesthesia during the procedure, and he'll have a really sore mouth afterward, so could you please pray for our little boy? Thanks.


Jessica said...

I'm praying for Thomas. I think it'll go really well.

And I'll be your mother's helper if you'll be mine. :P :)

mhcowen said...

Most definitely!

Sarah Marie said...

Oh little Thomas! I'm praying for his mouth to feel okay. Poor little guy. I hope he feels better really soon!

Dy said...

Oh, sweetie. How'd it go? Came by, hoping for an update. {{hugs}} and prayers for the little guy (and the parents - most of the time, this stuff is harder on us than it is on them!)


Christopher said...

Hey Em, how did the surgery go?

By the way, go look for

It is a school assignment! :)

Love you all!