Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm particularly enjoying sites like this one since I'm pregnant enough to really start thinking about this baby as a little person. Not that he wasn't before, of course, just that it is all becoming a lot more real since I spend much of my time shoving his little body parts down out of my ribcage. :)

Speaking of ultrasounds, last week we had a second ultrasound because I wanted to know for sure whether this child is Josiah or Katie. Last time the tech said "It's a girl! No - it's a boy! No - looks like a girl - no - boy - I think - yeah, I think that's a boy..." Which was reasonable, since that was back when I was only about 19 weeks along. But this time I was 30 weeks along, so I was expecting some settled confirmation. The results? "It's a boy! No - maybe that's a girl. It's hard to tell because the legs are crossed and the umbilical cord is in the way. But it sort of looks like a boy. Why don't you come back for another next week just to be sure?"

So Josiah, if you turn out to be Katie, I hope you don't mind being dressed in blue!

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