Thursday, July 17, 2008


We have made, eaten, and cleaned up after breakfast. Dressed everyone and changed a few diapers. Read stories on the couch, dug weeds in the garden, and picked strawberries. Cooked said strawberries into jam, and along the way made strawberry-yogurt popsicles ("but I want mine WARM, Mom!!") Drew chalk outlines and trekked lots of dirt into the kitchen - perhaps sweeping is next on the list?

Now we're all enjoying some well-earned rest time.

I have high hopes for the rest of the day. This morning went so well because I planned it. I had ideas written down (so I wouldn't forget them) of things we could do any time the boys started antagonizing each other. Fun things, but also things that needed to be done (those strawberries really had to be picked today!) Maybe after naptime we'll see if sweeping the floor can be made into a game, too. :)

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Ashley said...

That's great. I'm glad your morning went so well.