Thursday, July 17, 2008

8pm and all is well

And the kids are in bed! Gabe went out to dinner with a friend this evening, so it has been a longer day than usual. I'm tired, but pleased with the way the day went. Since my last post we have washed, cut up, and frozen two trays of peaches, eaten lunch, and washed all the dishes (a clean kitchen - yay!) Both boys helped with a whole-house pick-up, motivated by the promise of a movie. You know, they are getting REALLY good at helping - we got an awful lot accomplished in about ten minutes. The house looked lovely and it was too hot to play outside anyway, so I figured the movie was more than in order. Besides, I was tired. :) After the movie, popsicles! And then a sink bath for both boys (popsicles create an automatic need for a bath around here.) Naptime for the boys, while I swept the floors, read a book, and sewed for awhile. Then cooking pudding (with little boy assistance) for dinner - we had fruit and pudding for a dinner treat - yum! Outside playtime for the boys while I vacuumed their bedroom and did a bit more laundry, then we all picked up the toys and did their bedtime routine.

It is kind of fun to catalog a day's events periodically - it gives me some good perspective to realize how much good stuff we really do around here. So I didn't get my desk cleared or call the insurance company or do a few what? We had a good day, full of good play, good food, good work, and good learning together.

And since I'm primarily a mother, rather than a secretary, I'm pretty sure this is exactly what we ought to be doing.

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