Saturday, July 08, 2006

Yay Savers!

Savers is a wonderful place. :) It is the sort of place I probably shouldn't go very often - I think I could probably "save" myself right into the poorhouse. But it is an awfully fun place to shop. Today I went in for clothes and shoes for Jonathan, and puzzle pieces for a family ministries craft project. I came out with shortalls and two pairs of shoes for Jonathan, puzzle pieces, and an absolutely gorgeous skirt for me.

Ok, so the skirt wasn't on my list. And it also won't fit for about a year and a half. But I got it for $6.49 and it looks brand new and it probably cost more than $70 originally. And what an incintive to lose the baby weight! And did I mention that it is gorgeous? :)

By the way, thanks to Jessica for the tip about getting shoes there. You were right - I found two pairs of nearly new shoes for 1/4 the cost of the same shoes (pretty much) at Walmart.

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