Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I guess we're not nursing anymore.

Jonathan has been going to sleep in his crib so well lately! Even on our trip up to Fresno and to my parents' house, naps and night time just weren't an issue. We would simply get Jonathan ready for bed, lay him in his crib, and lie beside him for a few minutes while he went to sleep. It works every time and it works fast. I love it. :)

So last night we tried an experiement. Instead of nursing to sleep, we went through the rest of Jonathan's "get ready for bed" process, and then just put him down in his crib like it was naptime and lay down beside him. For some reason, something struck him as really funny about this. I have no idea what he was laughing about, but he giggled off and on for about 20 minutes without really getting closer to going to sleep. It was pretty cute, though. :) Anyway, I decided that this wasn't getting us anywhere, so I kissed his hand through the mesh, said "night night, I love you" and left. He was asleep a few minutes later, with nary a fuss.

So I guess we're not nursing anymore. He's been nursing so little lately, and hasn't really been all that interested, so I think it is probably an appropriate time. It sure feels weird, though! I mean, I've been nursing a child for the last 15 months, and now we're done, just like that! I guess it isn't really "just like that", since we've been cutting down for months...but the final switch from nursing a little to not nursing at all still feels really strange.

Even stranger is that in another 26 weeks I'll be nursing another little person. I can't quite wrap my mind around that yet.

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Amber said...

Wow! I remember that point too. I had a hard time imagining nursing a child other that Emma in just a few months, but by the time I got there it seemed bizarre to think of nursing Emma! How exciting to be at 14 weeks, that's really neat. :-) Are you starting to look pregnant yet?