Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More fun things we're doing

I've been working hard, lately, at creating fun things for Jonathan to do. The fact is that he's just not interested in toys. They don't move and he can't climb on top of them. Therefore they are not interesting! This means that keeping him entertained requires some serious creativity on my part (and also some times when he just has to deal with the fact that "Mommy is doing the dishes right now. You can go play and when I'm done I'll come play with you.")

Anyway, this morning we went for a walk together (his idea! He grabs my finger and heads to the door - it is very cute) and later we played on a "mountain" of couch pillows. He crawled up to the top, then I'd grab his legs and he would "slide down!" I think he was actually trying to say "slide down" by the end, which was pretty cool.

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Libby said...

That's just adorable.