Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sleep, glorious sleep!

Last night Jonathan slept for five hours. FIVE HOURS! We went to bed at 10pm, hoped not to be awakened until 2am, and were gloriously surprised to find that it was 3am when he woke us up to feed and change him. What a difference a full sleep cycle makes in your outlook on dirty diapers and middle of the night feedings.

Speaking of diapers, Jonathan doesn’t look nearly so silly in his cloth diapers anymore. When we first brought him home and started using them, he looked positively ridiculous. There was this huge pudgy round white diaper, with a tiny little torso and toothpick legs sticking out of either side of it. Now, however, he’s looking much more normal. Cloth diapers will always look pudgier than their disposable alternatives, but as Jonathan’s body is filling out he does seem to match the diaper size a bit better.

Gosh, but he’s getting big. I can’t believe how different he looks from the tiny infant we brought home from the hospital. Sometimes I look at him and I just want to stop time, or make it go backward…freeze things so that he stays little and perfect. It’s just a little frightening to realize that this time of his life, and of mine, is so fleeting. Then again, I also look at him and enjoy dreaming of what and who he will be someday…and I look forward to him being three and talking, and six and starting school, and ten and playing ball with his dad, and twelve and, and, and. Maybe it’s just as well that I can’t stop time.

In other news, Jonathan is getting better at finding his hands. Last night he brought his hand up to his pacifier and gripped it, three times. He certainly doesn’t have the ability to control them well, but I do think he’s getting the idea that he can control them, at least a little, and could make them useful in getting what he wants.


Sarah said...

Hi Emily and Jonathan Phineas,

I am curious - why did you choose cloth diapers?

Emily said...

They're cheaper, they don't fill up the landfills, and they're supposed to be better for the baby's skin. Although in practice I'm not sure that last one is actually true anymore. The fact that they only cost us money initially, and not every time we use them, is a big factor. :)