Sunday, May 29, 2005

Baby Mine

Jonathan has decided that he’s old enough to be charming. Last night he responded to my smile with a huge grin of his own. It actually made up for the fact that I was awake at two in the morning. Baby smiles are irresistible, particularly when they are directed at you with something in the eyes that says they’re meant for you, and not the product of a bubble in the tummy. He’s also making more and more cooing sounds when he’s happy, combined with great facial expressions that just make you want to watch him and talk back for hours. I particularly enjoy him in the morning, because he usually has an hour or two of exceedingly happy time, and we can sing songs and play games and “talk” to each other to my heart’s content.

In other news, Jonathan is holding his head up so much more effectively now! I’m spending some time each day doing “tummy time”, usually with him lying on top of me so he doesn’t feel abandoned. It’s so fun to watch him push up with his arms and try to hold his head up to look around. He’s got a good 45 degree angle now, which is exactly on target, at least according to “What to Expect the First Year”. And every day he can do it for just a few seconds longer.

He’s getting so big…on Wednesday he had an appointment with the pediatrician, and he weighs 11 pounds, 11 ounces. He’s my big, healthy, chubby tummy baby. :)

It’s good to be a mom.

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