Monday, May 09, 2005

"I think I could grow foolishly fond of every part of him..."

Jonathan is getting so big! It’s hard for me to believe how much he’s grown in the one short month he’s been here. Gabe and I weighed him the other day and we think he’s about 10.5lbs now. That’s a four pound gain in four weeks!

He’s learning so much – every day, even every hour it seems like he learns something new. He’s looking around so much more now, and I think he’s really seeing things. I also think he’s beginning to recognize things, or at least to recognize us. Tonight Gabe was holding him, and he was crying because he was hungry. I walked in the room, and when he saw me he looked at me and quieted down a bit. It’s interesting how his eyes look different when they’re actually seeing you.

He has so many facial expressions, too. It is fascinating just to watch his face, because it is so mobile. He can look so sad, or puzzled, or interested, or wondering, or pleased, or blissfully happy, or any other myriad of possibilities.

And the newest thing is that he’s making ‘baby sounds’ now. Before this week he really only was silent or crying or fussing. But now, when he’s happy and comfortable, he’ll make cooing sorts of sounds. They’re higher and happier than the fussing, and much more varied. I love his baby sounds.

I think I love everything about him. He makes me foolishly happy. Except I don’t really think it’s foolish. :)

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