Monday, April 25, 2005


A few days ago Gabe was playing with Jonathan, zooming him around the house on his arm. It was very cute and funny, as Jonathan would fling his arms out to the sides, and did indeed look very much like he was flying. I watched this in some slight trepidation, knowing that the flung out arms were a startle reflex and that Jonathan probably wasn't having nearly as much fun as his dad. I decided not to say anything about it, though. Well, the next evening we were sitting eating dinner, and Gabe shifted Jonathan to a new position. Jonathan startled, and the following conversation ensued:

Gabe: "Why does he do that?"
Emily: "It's a startle reflex...he does it when he doesn't feel secure. Like he's going to fall or something."
Gabe: "Oh. So that's why he had his arms out when I was flying him? I thought he was being Superman."

Jonathan has a bellybutton now!

Today was Jonathan's first check-up, and he is coming along swimmingly! He's actually gained a whole pound, as well as making up the weight he lost at the beginning. I'm so glad to know that he's eating's silly, perhaps, but since I don't have the nice neat numbers of ounces in bottles to depend on, I worried a bit whether I was feeding him enough or if he was nursing properly. It's nice to know that all is well and he's growing strong and healthy.

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