Friday, April 29, 2005

Bath time!

Last Wednesday morning Libby came over to help out and hold Jonathan. She’s been doing that lately, and it’s great! Well, this particular morning I had decided that it was high time Jonathan had a bath. His cord had fallen off and he was starting to smell like spit up. So, Libby and I set out all our bath-time equipment. She filled up the baby tub in the sink while I got Jonathan’s diaper off and cleaned him up, then wrapped him in a towel and carried him into the kitchen. Only to find that, between the changing table and the bathtub, Jonathan had pooped in the towel. Well. I cleaned him up with the clean part of the towel, and placed him in the bath sling while Libby went to the bedroom to retrieve another towel. (I now understand why everyone tells you to get more than one of everything.) Jonathan wasn’t quite sure what to make of the bath sling, initially. He sat there and looked very worried, but didn’t cry, at least for the first few minutes as I started washing him off. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long, and I suddenly discovered that the reason for his silence was because he was pooping. In the bath sling. Well. This was a problem. Libby and I did the best we could to clean up with paper towels, and then drained the water in the tub. You can’t give the baby a bath with poop in the water! Of course, Jonathan was now quite upset, because he was no longer sitting in warm water, but very cold air. I got him mostly washed while the tub was filling up again, and had just started rinsing him off when we realized that he was pooping. Again. So, Libby drained the bath tub yet again while I cleaned up with paper towels (you really have to imagine a squalling baby in the background as you read this, to get the full effect.) We didn’t even try to re-fill the bathtub again, this time, just got water from the faucet and did our best to rinse Jonathan as fast as possible. Then lifted him out of the tub, wrapped him in his second towel, took a picture, and headed in to the changing table to put his diaper on. Where we discovered that he had pooped in his towel.

And they say that some people give their babies baths every day!!


Libby said...

It was an adventure. A messy one.

Mom said...

Dobson has a similar story in one of his books. Remind me to tell it to you. :-) Hmmm, is there a book in your future?