Friday, April 22, 2005

Happiness is...

singing and dancing to the Beach Boys with your new baby. :)

I'm joining the blogging world because I want a place to write down all the little random motherhood happenings that occur in my new world. And yes, it really does consist mostly of laundry and lullabies at the moment. And diaper changing and 2am feedings. But I'm finding that the mundane chores are full of a rich goodness that I can see, if I remember to look for it. And in between there are the funny moments and the heartbreakingly beautiful ones...and I want to remember all of them.

Besides, I'm sure if you're reading this, you want to know all about Jonathan's new life with us too! So, read on for updates, pictures, anecdotes, and musings!

This first post will be rather lengthy, as I have to catch up with all the little notes I've written to myself since we came home from the hospital.

The first week:

"Oh my goodness!!!" - Gabe's reaction to green poop. :) The same reaction was elicited when Jonathan peed during a diaper change - all over his own face and everything else within range. Please notice that my wonderful husband is changing diapers.

I've noticed that Jonathan is calmer, and often settles himself to sleep with classical music playing. I mentioned this to Gabe and opined that perhaps he'd be a musician when he grew up. Gabe's response: "I'm not sure the fact that he falls asleep bodes will for his musicianship." Touché. Well, I can dream, right?

Gabe is reading Beowulf to Jonathan in the evenings when he gets home from work.

Jonathan is finding his hands, occasionally, and enjoying sucking on them when he does. It's fun to watch him discover his world. I wonder if he knows that his hands are HIS hands yet?

Last night I was feeling insecure about being a mom...not for any particular reason; I think it was mostly just because I was tired. I told Gabe, when we'd gone to bed, that I thought I was going to need to be told, (often!), that he loved me and that I was a good mother. He was loving and reassuring, and I went to sleep comforted. Today at lunchtime the phone rang. It was Gabe, calling to say "I love you, and you're a great mom!" :) I have a wonderful husband.

Jonathan has been working on holding up his head. Last night he looked around for a good five seconds before flopping back against my shoulder. And this morning he did even better. I wonder how much he can see, now. He gives the impression that he really wants to look around at the world. His eyes are so bright and innocent.

Hiccups are a daily (or twice or thrice daily) occurrence for Jonathan. He hiccuped a lot inside me, too, so I guess I shouldn't surprised. HE is sure surprised, though - he looks at me in puzzlement like he'd like to say "Mommy, what did you DO to me???"

I was sort of expecting to have to pep talk myself out of being irritated with the state of my figure post-delivery. Strangely enough, that hasn't happened. I'm twenty pounds heavier than normal, and I've never felt prettier. I look in the mirror and am happy with what I see...who knew giving birth could give me such a new view of myself?

They say babies don't smile before six weeks. But Jonathan smiles - he DOES - he looks at me and grins. I think it’s a happy/content reflex, at the least. And it’s beautiful and makes me want to kiss him and maybe cry a little. He's perfect, and he's OURS.

Jonathan rolled from his back to his side today. He couldn't move from his side, once there, but he was content for a good twenty minutes. Go Jonathan!


Sarah said...

Emily!! Wahoo, a blog is the *perfect* thing for you (and Jonathan), and I've been thinking for ages that you should get one! Somehow it's easier to comment on posts and read posts frequently than it is to write long emails sometimes...

Hey, tell Gabe... Yo-yo Ma considers it the best compliment when people fall asleep at his concerts. I fall asleep to Classical music all the time. So hah! Of course Jonathan will be a musical little guy! He'll probably play the horn, or the cello... :)

I love you! And Jonathan too! Can I come visit in May, right after school gets out for me? It would be about the time of Torrey graduation too, I think, and I might like to see Libby et al graduate.

Michele said...

I was hoping you would start a blog, and I was going to email you and tell you that. Yay. I am glad I will be able to keep up with you and Jonathan!