Monday, April 23, 2012

Jonathan in pictures

Jonathan's school sent home "spring pictures" last week. This left me with two questions.

1) Since when do we have professional school pictures TWICE?

2) Since when are we so sneaky as to send home a package of photos (unrequested) which we then must return, or pay for?

Of course Jonathan was dreadfully disappointed that we weren't going to purchase them. "But Mommy, it is such a nice picture! See how I had my arms folded and you can see my missing tooth!" I gently stuck to my guns...we really don't have money to spend on those...and suggested that we take our own photo, posed the same way.

He loved that idea, and it turned out great!

And a close up, so you can see the missing tooth:

He's so handsome. :)

During spring break Jonathan took swimming lessons each day. He's getting much more comfortable in the water, and starting to do some real swimming!

No more fear of getting his face wet for this kid!


Jessica Snell said...

Hey - they did that to us too. It IS a mean trick!

Mom said...

Handsome fellow, indeed! And a creative solution. Well done.

Matthew Green said...

Smooth handling of the picture. Very smooth.

Amber said...

That is a sneaky trick! I wonder what sort of cut the school gets on the pics.

Great idea for redeeming the situation though. And he is a handsome fellow.

Oh, and I thought of you at the library today... I was scanning the community board while waiting and saw someone advertising as a "post partum doula and wellness placenta coach". I read that several times to make sure I wasn't making a mistake. No idea what that means and the flyer was short on details. Have you ever heard of that?