Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A conversation

Josiah: Look Mom, a roly poly!
Mom: I see it. Very nice.
Josiah: It's MY roly poly!
Mom: Ok, let's go to the car now. How about if you leave him in the garden with his friends?
Josiah: He doesn't have any friends. Only me.

*getting into the car, the roly poly disappears inside the car seat*

Josiah: Oh NO, my roly poly! Where did he go?
Mom: Maybe he's hiding.
Josiah: But WHY??? Is he scared of ME????
Mom: Well, maybe he's scared of the car.
Josiah: Oh. Ok!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Isn't it amazing how often mothers have to come up with these on-the-spot conversations? If we had to sit down and plan them, I'm not sure we could do it as well. You satisfied Josiah and could move on with life. What happened when you got to your destination? Did he want to find the roly poly or had it been forgotten?

Once again, well done Mom!