Thursday, November 25, 2010


This song has been part of our itunes playlist today. Love it.

We had intended to spend Thanksgiving with my family (even my sister, flying in from Boston!) but a really bad storm in Nevada County left my parents without power and water for the foreseeable future. So instead, we had our very first Thanksgiving entirely on our own! It all came together really well, and I'm quite proud of myself. :)

Jonathan created this centerpiece for our Thanksgiving Day table. Isn't it nice? The boys picked out their favorite gourds at the store yesterday. Then on the way back, we stopped in a residential neighborhood full of lovely liquid amber trees, and ambled around finding the most beautiful colored leaves and "prickly balls."

Today we dipped the leaves we collected in beeswax to preserve them. They turned out quite well! I found a post at Small Things that convinced me to try it - the result was so pretty and she made it sound easy...and it was!

I managed to smile while washing the turkey. This is definitely a first for me. I must be growing up or something. :)

Thomas thought the trussed up turkey was hilarious!

Josiah and Thomas helped make the pumpkin pie filling. I've found that it is easier to move the mixing bowl down to their level, rather than having them stand on chairs to reach the counter.

Jonathan played softball with Daddy,

and later he helped set our beautiful table. He was very proud.

Josiah spent a surprisingly long time standing beside me while I was cooking, carefully using my Grandma's salt spoon to transfer salt between a silver shaker and a crystal salt cellar. He was so careful and gentle and precise.

The turkey followed most of the rules and browned nicely

and my number-one turkey carver did a great job! :)

I managed to get everything finished and warm at the same time!

The boys practiced their very best table manners, because dinner was a "special feast!"

We finished off with the most amazing pecan pie that I have ever tasted. Instead of corn syrup, it is made with maple syrup! I added chopped pecans to the filling, and then put the traditional pretty layer of whole pecans on the top (Sarah, I thought of you as I added all those pecans!) It was incredible...quite possibly the perfect pecan pie.

And after all that? I collapsed on the couch and let the boys "tuck me in" to bed. :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Momma Bug said...

I am really impressed with the: smiling while washing the turkey
The floor clean enough to "mix" on ;-D
And having all your food hot at the some time.


It sure looks like a feast:-)

Mom said...

We sure missed you guys. You did a great job creating a memorable day for your family! The shot of Jonathan without a shirt made me smile. That wouldn't have been his attire here in icy cold Nevada County!

Amber said...

Great pictures! I'm sorry we didn't get to see you up here this week, but I'm glad you were able to have such a great Thanksgiving dinner at home. Your spread looks tasty and beautiful! And I'm intrigued by your pecan pie - I've always steered away from those because of all the corn syrup.

And that centerpiece is beautiful, Jonathan did a lovely job! I really need to get some beeswax and dip leaves too - I have a name of a local producer but I haven't managed to call him to get some beeswax from him. He only charges $4/lb for it... but it is definitely a little harder to track down!