Friday, November 12, 2010

A good day

Today had some really lovely moments, and after yesterday's depressing post I thought it might be nice to share them. :)

Sometime last June (or thereabouts) I put away all the Brio trains. They were taking up space in the boys' room, and hadn't really been played with for months. No one noticed that they were gone. Today I realized that Josiah is smack in the middle of a major train phase. He wants to wear Thomas the Tank Engine shirts, watch Thomas the Tank Engine videos, and read every book in the house that has a picture of a train on it. So out came the trains!

All three boys spent a good 45 minutes playing together, and Thomas continued after the others lost interest.

I call that a success! Yay for disappearing/reappearing toys. :)

Later in the morning, while I was working with Jonathan during tabletime, Thomas called me over to see what he'd been working on. (He's becoming more and more inclined to do "school" of some sort along with Jonathan.) Isn't this interesting?

He's had a good grasp of which letters are in his name for quite some time, but has never put them in the correct order. We've been working on which letters are next to each other, and slow but noticeable progress has occurred. This is the first time he's successfully arranged all the letters according to which goes next to which. Makes me wonder if we're going to have a bit of dyslexia on our hands? Oh, but he's so proud, and so am I!

After nap-quiet-time, Jonathan and I finished the last of his schoolwork for the week, with the promise of clay modeling afterward. Aren't these fun? I enjoyed creating with him.

(It's a duck, and a dragon, in case you couldn't tell!)

-- Um, there aren't really any pictures of Josiah today. He was in a rotten mood. I think he may be getting sick. --

I started today with no expectations for "getting things done", having come down with a very sore throat last night. Got up late and let the children watch a video before breakfast! (Basically, broke all my own personal rules - ha!) Sometimes I think that the best thing I can do is to back off of my expectations, for myself and for the kids, and just let the day unfold.

(However...would someone like to come do my laundry?) ;)

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Alisha said...

Noah spells his name backward with the alphabet magnets too even though he's seen it the right way so many times. I wonder what goes on in their head that makes them write right to left. Is it Hebrew that does that?