Friday, April 24, 2009

Vons "Living Well" shopping trips

I love this promotion. Love love love. This is the result of my shopping this week:

2 sun chips
2 capri sun (usually I don’t buy these, but they were free and they make nice treats for the kids)
2 jars peanut butter
2 boxed frozen veggies
2 bertolli frozen meals
3 ice creams (starbucks, ben and jerrys)
1 bag no yolk noodles
6 boxes spaghetti
6 jars classico pasta sauce
1 can pizza sauce
2 pizzas
4 cans green beans
4 boxes lipton soup mix
1 kraft salad dressing
1 jar mayonaise
4, 4 pack yogurts (16 total)
10 lb turkey breast
3 dove shampoo
1 crest toothpaste

Total cost, after coupons, promotions, and rebates (the turkey is free with the Unilever rebate): $42.65
(to put that in perspective, regular sale prices for these items is $131.84)

My pantry and freezer are full and happy and I plan to do very minimal buying for the next long time. :)

If you are interested in seeing what others are doing, Moneywise Moms has a Mr. Linky up for this promotion. There are lots of bloggers writing about what they're doing! Part of how I prepare for my own shopping trips is browsing what others have done - you can get good ideas that way.

Happy shopping! Happy saving!

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Gina said...

Great job, Emily! Don't you just love promos like this? It means you're all stocked up and can just grab milk and produce when you need to. :)

Thanks for linking up at Moneywise Moms!