Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Creative writing

Today Jonathan wrote a book. Well, he dictated and I wrote, and then we drew pictures to go with the words.

Two People and Two Doves

Once there were two people.

And there were two doves.

The doves landed on the people's heads!

And then, when the people went into a store,

The doves flew away.

The End.

Blogger turned the first two pictures sideways. (I hate that! Does anyone know how to fix it??)

Jonathan was somewhat distressed that his first person turned out looking "like an octopus". But isn't his second wonderful? I love how active it is - it looks like it is about to jump up and run off the page! He had me draw the first bird and then he made an attempt at copying it.

Jonathan has always cared greatly that his drawings look like what they are supposed to be, so much so that we spent a few years just coloring printed pages instead of drawing freehand (it was way too frustrating for him). I'm really enjoying the fact that he is starting to be comfortable drawing for himself now!

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