Thursday, April 16, 2009


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of hosting Elena in my home while she was in California for a friend's wedding. There was a lot of running around and I didn't see nearly enough of her, which I had expected and which was part of my (admittedly selfish) reason for asking her to stay at my house. When someone stays at your house you have more chances to talk to them. :)

Elena is fun to talk to. At any given time she is sure to be engrossed in at least six huge thought experiments. Dewey's theory of education. Whether we should read picture books to children. Leaven. Did Willie actually swallow that crayon or just chew on it. Sonnets. Women and head coverings. Authority.

She thinks with intensity. Like a dog trailing a rabbit, she follows anywhere that rabbit goes, often far beyond where most of us would stop, either exhausted or else just satisfied where we are. Sometimes she ends up in the wilds. Sometimes she finds an unexpected and beautiful new understanding.

This week she has written a beautiful essay on sourdough. And remember that this is Elena writing, so expect to be challenged and to think hard on the topic. Yes, I said sourdough.

Before you read her very thoughtful essay, though, go read her own introduction to it on her blog. It is the other side of Elena - the Elena who laughs her way through life, even at her own expense.

Thanks for helping me think well, Elena. I wish we lived closer.

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Elena said...

Awww. Thank you, Emily.

I had a wonderful time with you guys--albeit far too short.

I wished we lived closer to one another, too. Texas is a very lovely place, you know... =)