Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Obama, abortion champion

Regardless of what I think of Barack Obama's other policies, his stance on abortion truly makes me ill. Consider his proclamation (made in July 2007) that as president, "the first thing" he will do is sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would remove all federal and state restrictions on abortion. All of them. Consider his argument that babies born alive after an abortion procedure should be left to die. Never mind that they are living, breathing, humans that could be saved given medical assistance. It is hard for me to believe that anyone in his right mind could think this; Obama apparently starts from abortion and end up at infanticide.

Most people, whatever their view on abortion, agree that the Constitution at least guarantees the rights of born and living human beings. Barack Obama does not agree. For him, the Constitution exists primarily in order to guarantee the right to abortion, and other rights of human persons — born and alive — are secondary. Beginning with abortion rights as his premise, he draws as his conclusion the unfortunate but necessary legality of infanticide.

Read the rest of David Freddoso's excellent article, and then consider carefully whether a man's positions on healthcare, wars, or the economy can make up for his intent to destroy the helpless in the name of "choice".


A Mama's Blog (Heather) said...

Thanks for posting this- I'm not a big political person, and don't support Obama or McCain, but I do think it speaks volumes about a person's character on how they treat and view the most defenseless among us- babies and children.

Linds said...

I completely agree with you. He is horrid on this issue and will quake for it on judgement day.

I do find it a little ironic, however, that you're following the Olympics hosted by a nation that forces its citizens to have abortions... :)

Sorry, had to be the liberal fly in the ointment. I'm so mad at the Beijing Olympics I could spit.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Linds, I have no respect for the Chinese government, and I wish that the Olympics were being held elsewhere. However, I do think that the Olympics are about more than the politics of the moment and the place where they are held. I watch not to support the Beijing government, but to support and honor the athletes who have spent their lives working to attain this level of achievement.

Linds said...

Boycotting the Olympics is a really lame thing. Ideally, Beijing should never have been granted the Olympics in the first place.

I'm just concerned at the reaction of the Chinese government to the world's attention right now. They're taking it as tacit approval of their abysmal policies, and it's emboldening them to continue them.

But... Michael Phelps is so very cool... :)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Yeah, I definitely share your concern. The government is making so much of this event as their "look, we're just as good as you!" party, and that just isn't what it is about. But I wonder how it will play out politically after the fact, and I worry about it.