Sunday, August 03, 2008

Letter to ACOG regarding VBAC

Birth is very much on my mind these days, as I'm probably less than two months away from delivering. I'm reading a lot, thinking a lot, and praying a lot. So please don't be surprised if I start posting more on the subject. :)

Today I want to bring your attention to the best letter writing attempt at policy change that I have ever seen. A woman named Amber wrote to the president of ACOG, politely, respectfully, and with incredible study documentation as back-up, requesting that ACOG change their highly restrictive policy on VBACs. Her original letter (complete with citations), ACOG's response (short, unhelpful, and full of misinformation) and her response letter (again, with citations) is posted here and should be read in its entirety. This woman is smart and I hope that more women will follow her example in pressuring the medical leadership in this country to actually use facts in their policy making.

Even if you've never had a c-section, or never yet given birth, this is still valuable information. You don't know (well, I certainly didn't!) when you might find yourself needing to know more than the doctor is telling you.

When you do read it, (and you're about to, right? Right?) start at the bottom of the page and work your way up. I'm not sure why they posted the letters in the order they did, as it is rather confusing, but just realize that the first letter is at the bottom of the page and the last is at the top.

Hat tip to pushedbirth for the link!

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