Saturday, November 03, 2007

Eating out with children

Last night we went out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory because I came home tired and asked Gabe to take me out. Wonderful man, he promptly did!

Thomas enjoyed the evening by chewing on a spoon (we almost absconded with it when we left, actually) and devouring a slice of lemon. Mom, he takes after you. :) Jonathan informed us that the food (noodles with mizithra cheese) was "very good" but he would have preferred that we serve the ice cream "warmed up".

The wait for a table had been more than 30 minutes, (that's what you get for choosing a popular restaurant on Friday night!) so we ate in a hurry. Our server gave us a strange look when, having been seated for approximately 30-40 minutes, we asked for boxes, ice cream, and our check. Apparently he didn't know that 8 p.m. is past toddler bedtime!

Ah well...even eaten in a hurry, and juggling children, OSF is my favorite place for dinner. Thanks, honey!


Kerry said...

Oh, I can soooo relate to this post! Hubs and I have it down to a science. It's sad really, cause we find we do it when it's just the two of us too! haha

Jacki said...

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog last week during Fall Y'all giveaway. Nice to meet you!!