Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Change of plans

Sometimes, unexpected changes in my plans work out beautifully. Today was one of those times.

I had expected to have the car today. Tuesday is my day for grocery shopping and I had also planned to go to the post office to mail christmas candy packages and to Michaels to get supplies for a Thanksgiving craft project that I want to do with Jonathan. This would be doable, I thought, but would probably take most of the day once I factored in needing to be home for nap times.

But then Gabe realized that he needed to go to the office, and there went my carefully planned day.

Instead of having the car, I had a list of errands, a stroller, and my own two feet. Well. Nobody can say that I haven't learned something about rolling with punches. I sent my husband off with a kiss and a smile and threw everything into the stroller, and off we went. :)

Honestly, I think I prefer doing it this way. We got all our errands done. Jonathan and Thomas enjoyed time out in the fresh air (they like walks a lot). Thomas fell asleep when he got tired and slept through the grocery shopping and most of the walk home. Had we been in the car, he probably would have been awakened at each stop and been cranky. The boys didn't fight with each other and Jonathan didn't whine for a movie. It was a truly pleasant morning!

And, I burned a heck of a lot of calories. Calories per hour says that walking pushing a stroller burns 173 calories per hour, for a total of 607. I'm betting that I actually did better than that, since I was pushing a double stroller, which is heavy by itself, heavier with the boys in it, and REALLY heavy when the basket is completely filled with groceries.

I just may do this again next week.


Farrah said...

Good for you getting out there and getting your stuff done! Way to be flexible and resourceful, mama!! Let me know if you want to try it with a sling next time! Hehe! :)

Sarah Marie said...

Wow, go Em! I agree, it feels good to burn calories the "natural" way from time to time - just by living! Instead of compartmentalizing our exercise to little hamster wheels at the gym. I always enjoy walking to the post office, the bank, etc. when I need to do little errands. I haven't braved the grocery store on foot yet!