Sunday, June 18, 2006


Tonight Jonathan figured out how to eat with a spoon! The result would have been a bath, had he not been so tired...I guess he'll get one first thing tomorrow morning. :)

It is interesting to watch the development (or seemingly, lack thereof!) that leads up to these accomplishments. We've been handing him spoons for weeks, with nominal interest and no result. Tonight, he just picked it up and fed himself.

We said "yay!" and clapped, of course, which meant that he had to clap, too, and pat his head (hence the need for the bath!) He got so excited he wiggled his whole body around in his high chair until it rather looked like he'd knock himself right over. He didn't realize he'd done anything special until we got excited, but once he realized that we were proud of him, he decided he was awfully proud of himself, too!

It was a good evening. :)

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