Saturday, December 03, 2005

Acrobatics and other news

This morning Jonathan decided that nursing prone (like usual) was just SO yesterday. The new and improved nursing position is sitting up. It made me laugh, and Jenn, it reminded me of Elisa’s style of nursing. :)

In other news, he is still working on crawling. Only, I he seems to be directionally challenged. He tries so hard to reach the toy in front of him, but usually only succeeds in moving farther away from it!

Today he has his first runny nose. Not a bad one, thank goodness, just enough to make us keep the kleenex handy. He’s a bit cranky because of it.

The sliding glass door is currently a source of great fascination. Jonathan has taken to leaning over towards it and very carefully bumping his head into the glass. I think he can’t quite figure out what it is, since it is clear. He doesn’t ever hit hard enough to cause pain…but he does cry from the frustration of not being able to go through it.

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