Friday, November 11, 2005


Well, not really. But you might want to think twice about selling through them – they’ve raised their fees.

This irritates me for three reasons.
1) They didn’t notify their sellers. Courtesy dictates that you tell your “customers” when you change your prices ( and others do this). Maybe Amazon was hoping we wouldn’t notice?
2) The added fee is arbitrary. I can’t even figure out what they think the reason for it is.
3) They’re already making bank on the shipping fees. Have you ever noticed that while Amazon credits the seller with a $2.28 shipping fee, they charge the buyer $3.49? That’s $1.21 in their pocket, every transaction, without an ounce of work for it.

Hmmph. I’m selling at now.


Amber said...

I recently got annoyed at though because they changed the format of their confirmation email and I can no longer print out the invoice I'm supposed to include with the book on one page. I tried doing it once then put myself on vacation hold a couple weeks ago. I'm trying to decide if I want to attempt to continue selling there, give up, or find somewhere else. My sales have dried up to a large degree, so perhaps it isn't worth the effort anymore... especially considering this big belly I'm lugging around these days! *grin*

lost Angel said...

Watch out when selling on Because they handle the transaction you cannot confirm payment. I sold a book and the seller accidently bought it twice. I authorized a refund, but it turned out the seller had not paid for either order. I shipped the book, as required by before being notified by of non-payment. They then, with about 7 hours notice, deducted the refund amount from my bank account and failed to pay me for the book that I shipped on their assurance that the transaction was confirmed.

I am now out the book, the refund and because of the unauthorized and short notice deduction, two small checks bounce and I owe overdraft fees at my bank. I had authorized to make direct deposits, because they required it, but not to make withdrawals. This is an aspect of electronic transfers that I had not encountered before, apparently authorizations into your account are also treated as authorizations to withdrawal any amount they please.

To add insult to injury I have email twice and while I recieve confirmation that my email was recieved I have never received the promised reply (it has been over 9 days since my first email).