Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guess who I met today?

Auntie Leila! And Bridget, and Rosie, and Pippo, too!

Some years ago, I think in early 2010, I stumbled across Like Mother Like Daughter. I don't remember who directed me there, although she deserves my very great thanks. Perhaps it was Jessica? And I don't remember precisely which post I read first. What I do remember is that I spent the next couple of days reading my way through Leila's archives, drinking in her wisdom and encouragement, and getting my butt kicked (nicely!) to go and do homemaking well!

So this morning, knowing that I was about to actually meet this dear woman, I cleaned my bathroom. Reasonably. (Somehow it seemed the thing to do!) And cleaned my kitchen, reasonably. Josiah and Thomas and I did school together, and then we planted flowers to beautify our front entrance. And then, feeling quite gloriously on top of my homemaking and mothering life, we drove down to Carlsbad.

It was fascinating to meet Leila and Rosie and Bridget; I've followed their blog long enough to feel like I know them...but of course in many ways they are complete strangers. Such nice strangers, though! Bridget is quiet and reserved, with a sweet smile and a way with small children.

Rosie is an amazingly composed new mother. Pippo is just one, and her husband just deployed with the military, and yet Rosie exudes a calm happiness that is a pleasure to be around.

(Of course there was much taking of pictures.)

Leila is hospitable and welcoming; she made everyone feel included as we mingled and mixed up and chased after errant children in the middle of conversations.

And of course the other half of the fun was meeting all the other readers - such lovely women! Most of them had multiple children and it was fun to be in such a happy gathering of like-minded people. We're all doing our best to do well for our family.

Before we left, Josiah and Thomas and I took an exploratory detour through the glorious trees

and Thomas climbed a fabulous hill.

Yes, it really was that high. I was surprised that he wanted to tackle it, but he did, and he conquered!

Thank you, Auntie Leila, for organizing the meet-up. It was totally worth the drive.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mommy Guilt

Glennon's article nails Mommy Guilt. This is exactly what it sounds like.

And so now I’m a stay-at-home mom. And the thing is that Mommy Guilt stays home with me. These days I experience her less as a drive-by-shooter and more as a constant commentator. Now she sounds like this:

“Did you go to all three of those college classes just so you could clean the kitchen and play Candy Land all day? And how is it that you don’t even do those things very well? Can you concentrate on nothing? Look at this mess! A good mom would clean more and play less. Also, a good mom would clean less and play more. Also a good mom would clean more and play more and quit emailing altogether. Additionally, I’ve been meaning to ask if you’re sure you feel comfortable spending so much money when you don’t even make any. Moreover, when was the last time you volunteered at Chase’s school? What kind of stay at home mom doesn’t go to PTA meetings or know how to make lasagna? Furthermore, nobody in this house appreciates you.”

By the way, Momastery is an amazing blog. The past week she's been re-posting some of her best (for the benefit of newcomers like me!) and they're just wonderful. Go check it out!

Friday, January 20, 2012


On Tuesday, Jonathan stayed home from school. He wasn't sick any longer, but his school has a "24 hours without fever" policy (which I really appreciate!) Having spent the previous day lying on the couch, Jonathan was quite ready for an adventure. So we went on an expedition!

They brought nets and shovels and collecting containers and archeological brushes (you know, to dust off the dinosaur bones?)

We shouted "adventure is out there!" (a la UP) and off we went. :)

It was only an hour; a walk down the busy, noisy street to a small "creek" that passes next to the road. But we found a ladybug and a baby earwig, discovered a tiny pine tree growing next to an old pine cone, ran relay races, ate our expedition snack, and collected dozens of rocks. I think it was probably the best hour of the whole day.