Friday, January 20, 2012


On Tuesday, Jonathan stayed home from school. He wasn't sick any longer, but his school has a "24 hours without fever" policy (which I really appreciate!) Having spent the previous day lying on the couch, Jonathan was quite ready for an adventure. So we went on an expedition!

They brought nets and shovels and collecting containers and archeological brushes (you know, to dust off the dinosaur bones?)

We shouted "adventure is out there!" (a la UP) and off we went. :)

It was only an hour; a walk down the busy, noisy street to a small "creek" that passes next to the road. But we found a ladybug and a baby earwig, discovered a tiny pine tree growing next to an old pine cone, ran relay races, ate our expedition snack, and collected dozens of rocks. I think it was probably the best hour of the whole day.


Jenn said...

What a fun thing to do! Love it.

Wow, your boys are growing up so quickly. I'm amazed at how big they all are ... it's clearly been too long since we've seen them. We'll need to remedy that soon :).

Mom said...

Sounds like a fabulous hour! What fun for all of you!

Jonathan said...

You're a good mom. Boys need some adventuring in their lives. Well done.

Aunt Sharan said...

Such creative parenting! I loved reading about your adventure.