Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Illuminated Science Narration (only homeschooling, right?)

This morning I got to see an amazing synthesis of learning, and it was entirely self directed.  Jonathan asked if I would type while he dictated a narration.  Of course I said yes!  He proceeded to narrate a fabulous summary of the science we've been studying (and which, to be honest, I thought had been going in one ear and out the other!) He specified that the first letter needed to be very large, like an illuminated manuscript.  Then we printed it on cream colored card stock, and he drew pictures of flowers around the edges, and added gold "leaf" paint.

Here is the text, since it can't be easily read from the photo:

All About Plants

When a seed falls to the ground, it gets buried, and whatever the parent plant was, it turns into the same thing, only slightly different.  When seeds start growing, they are small.  When it starts growing and pops out of the ground, it is about 1/8 of an inch tall. 

After it pops out of the ground, you water it every day, and it grows.  It also needs good soil and sundlight.  As it grows, the stem grows up.  But for my plants, when it was big the leaves got too heavy, and now the stems are hanging out everywhere.  The roots grow down, because of gravity.

As the plant grows, it makes flowers.  At least, some plants do.  The flowers turn into the fruit. 

Bugs eat your plants a lot!  Which is why I want to plant some plants that when the flies or anything land in them, they’ll shut their mouths!

The fruit gets eaten.  Sometimes they get too old, and their seeds drop.  And a new plant grows!

Days like today make me so happy that we chose to homeschool!

Edited to add: of course right this moment he is quite sure that I, the world, and life in general is UTTERLY UNFAIR because he has to do a math page.  Just in case anyone was under the impression that it is all sunshine and roses around here. :)


ooshela said...

It is great to celebrate the moments like this to help us get through the moments that aren't. Very cool, thanks for sharing!

palmermom said...

Those are the moments that make homeschooling so incredible - for them and for mom! Isn't it amazing what sinks in when you don't think it is?

Amber said...

Wow, that is so neat! I love how he illuminated it. What a wonderful combination. And a. Great narration too!