Monday, October 03, 2011

Yoda costume

Thomas wants to be "Master Yoda" for Halloween this year. I took one look at the prices (and the boringness) of the costumes for sale, and decided I wasn't interested. But then I found this tutorial, and it kind of sounded ... fun? Maybe?

Today we dove in. We're modifying things a bit, using what we have around the house, and hoping for the best. By the way, does anyone (in the area) have any old brown or off-white cloth lying around that I could sew into the robe? I'd rather use something old than purchase new cloth, if possible.

Thomas and Josiah enjoyed helping. Which, of course, means that they mostly watched me do it. :) Isn't that always the way with preschool projects? It was fun just the same.

Here's the balloon, partially covered with glue-y newspaper. I hope I guesstimated the shape of Thomas' head correctly! In a few days it will be dry enough to pop the balloon and see if it fits. Then...probably a few more layers for solidity, and adding the ears!


Mom said...

Oh my, this brings back memories! I've been scanning photos - some of which were you guys in your Halloween costumes. So much fun! And all the paper mache covered balloons that became helmets for the historical costumes for Christopher! What fun!

Matthew said...

Hey, I sent you that tutorial.
You're welcome! =)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Matthew, I knew I got it from somewhere but couldn't remember who sent it! Sorry I didn't credit where credit was due. :)

Matthew said...

Have to admit, some piece of me was a little miffed, but I was amused that you're trying it nonetheless. You'll surely post pictures, no?