Thursday, March 31, 2011

P.S. No more pacifiers

Josiah's graduation party also marked a momentous occasion: he gave his pacifiers to Mrs. Heather. We talked with him about the idea for about three weeks leading up to the big day. Then we brought out a colorful gift bag and encouraged him to drop his pacifiers in while Heather held it. He didn't mind putting in the first two, but the last one took some extra encouragement! I wasn't sure he'd do it! But he did finally decide that yes, he really is a BIG BOY and doesn't need them anymore, and he dropped the last one in her bag.

Bye bye pacifiers.

So far we've managed two naps and two bedtimes without them. He's a little sad, but less so than I was expecting. I think this way of letting them go was a good one.


Jessica said...

Ah, good! I'm so glad it's going okay.

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