Thursday, March 31, 2011

Josiah's graduation!

We have been so blessed in our speech therapist, Heather Lovejoy. We started working with her nearly 2.5 years ago, back when Thomas needed help. Just a few months after he finished, Josiah started therapy. Week after week after week, Heather showed up at our house, always patient with the boys and often including brothers in the therapy play. Josiah loved her, and would grin and run to the door when he heard her knock.

A year ago, this was Josiah's language:

“Mama” (no relationship to me)
"Dada" (no relationship to Gabe)
“ahn guh”

Today he's speaking in 4 word sentences, and I'm not the only one who can understand him. :)

Happy graduation, Josiah!

Thank you, Heather!


Mom said...

Yeah Josiah! Well done!

Care said...

I love talking with him! He's gotten so verbal, and so funny!!