Friday, December 17, 2010

Poor little sickies

Jonathan came down with the stomach flu yesterday. Josiah's nose is running like a faucet. Thomas says he's fine, but he's only eaten about three bites of applesauce all morning. I'm tired and run-down and coughing but (so far!) not puking!

We're hunkering down and making ourselves comfortable. My goal today: reasonably happy kids, lots of hot tea, and clean laundry. Hulu is making this endeavor much easier...did you know that there is an entire season of 1954 Lassie available? We watched the Christmas episode this morning and it is just as sweet as I remembered. TV from half a century ago is so completely different from TV this episode Timmy folds his hands and asks God to "please tell Santy Claus...", a caroling group sings two entire verses of Silent Night, and the veterinarian says success wasn't from his skill, but from "these people's prayers, and the faith of a child".

So I'm happy because it is a sweet show with values in line with ours , and the boys are happy because hey, it's a movie about a boy their age and a really cool dog! I don't think they've even noticed that it isn't in color. :)

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Care said...

My sister Cayla and I watched this show every afternoon when we were kids--we would get so scared every time over whatever problem came up, but Lassie always saved the day!

I hope you guys are feeling better! Will you still be at Church tomorrow? If not, I'd really love to see you guys before Christmas! Maybe Tuesday sometime?