Saturday, December 25, 2010

Advent, popcorn strings

I wasn't sure if the boys were quite ready for stringing popcorn, but it is so much fun we had to try it anyway. :)

Thomas thought that eating the popcorn was awesome. Stringing it? Not so much!

But Jonathan surprised me. Not only is he quite dexterous enough to string it, he also stayed focused for a long time.

We only got one long string made, but it was a wonderful afternoon.

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Amber said...

Great pictures!

I remember doing this the Christmas before last and Gregory wanted to eat it and Emma was very eager to string at first, but then she realized just how tedious it can be! We managed to make one string, but I'm not sure she'd be jumping at the chance to do it again. Maybe next time I'll put in a movie or something and see how it goes. Next year - and Gregory will be old enough to help... and Nathan can eat the popcorn. :-)

Merry Christmas!!!