Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free milk! (CVS)

I ran into CVS today to pick up milk. It is cheaper there (with a coupon) than anywhere else right now. The magic coupon machine spit out a lovely $4/$20 coupon, and a $3/sun care purchase coupon. And I just happened to notice that coppertone sunscreen was on sale, and I knew I had a coupon for it. (The nice thing about having done this for a long time is that you can improvise on the fly like this!)

So along with my milk, I purchased sunscreen and the blink tears that were free after ecbs.

My receipt:
Coppertone $8.99
Milk $2.79
Milk $2.79
Blink tears $7.99

Coupons used:
CVS purchase coupon - $4.00
CVS coppertone coupon - $5.00
Blink coupon - $1.50
2 milk coupons - $1.10
CVS suncare coupon - $3.00

With tax, I paid $9.25. But I received $9.99 back in ecbs. Free milk and sunscreen! Love it!

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