Monday, July 12, 2010

Jonathan's photography

Jonathan has been fascinated with our digital camera for a long time now, but I haven't (until recently) been willing to let him "play" with it. He would like to point out that he isn't playing, he's taking pictures!

This morning I let him enjoy himself and take as many pictures as he wanted, and a lot of them turned out really nicely!

I find it interesting to see what he considers photograph-worthy (the grill?)

and I also like watching him discover things like lens distance from his object.

He was most proud of this one, because he managed to capture the bee before it flew away.

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Dy said...

I love those photos! We have an entire folder on the computer, titled, "Smidge Cam" - now, I can't tell his photography from John's, most of the time. I have to wait until I get to the inevitable "self portrait" to figure out which photographer has left lovely images for me to find.

I'm so glad you're doing this with/for him! You will both treasure it for years.