Monday, July 26, 2010

Catching up, photo edition

Our garden is yielding pounds of tomatoes. Thomas enjoyed helping me harvest some of them.

I think I might have mentioned the birds that took up residence in our hanging planter. They had babies, and now the parents seem to have moved on, but the babies are happily hanging out in our backyard. They spend most of their time under our tomato plants, emerging sometimes to explore the grass, the strawberry patch, or if they're really feeling daring, hopping up onto my clean laundry!

They're awfully sweet little things, and the boys are really enjoying this up close and personal encounter with baby birds. So am I!

Our summer has been much busier than I had anticipated. The boys are not getting their normal quiet times and rest/naptimes as frequently as I'd like. Poor Thomas was so tired one day he fell asleep and simply couldn't be awakened.

I've noticed that Thomas has started being very clingy with me recently, and I think much of that may be because of our more hectic pace, which usually includes being away from home and around people. I think he feels a bit overwhelmed, and his method of dealing with that is attaching himself to my leg and not letting go. Literally. :)

One of the things that filled last week was VBS. Our church went to Ancient Egypt, and oh my goodness, it was wonderful! Here is Jonathan, recreating VBS fun. The green chalk is eye make-up, and the pants on his head make him "look like Pharaoh" (I think he actually meant Joseph - there was some confusion about that all week!)

Jonathan has also been busy with Tang Soo Do classes each Saturday morning. He alternates between being very proud of himself, and informing me that he doesn't want to do it anymore because it makes him too tired. Can it be? Something actually uses up all his energy? I have to say that his complaints make me feel a lot better about how tired I am after class! :)

Josiah is being his sweet self in the midst of all the busyness. Although he did discover, today, that the best way to get Mom's attention is just to start yelling every request. Sigh. The thing is, I can't really be mad, because he's right.

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Amber said...

Wow, busy indeed!

Your tomato plants look wonderful - all we've managed to harvest off of ours is one tiny cherry tomato.

And that is so neat about the birds! That sounds like a lot of fun to watch.

I recently put on my VBS shirt on a Saturday just to wear it around the house and Nathan started saying, "No! No! No!" very emphatically. I think the whole experience was just a little too much for him. The other two sure had a lot of fun though!