Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm really enjoying Thomas right now.

He's recently developed a really compassionate desire to assist Josiah. If Siah is crying, Thomas will offer him his own stuffed teddy bear, or share his snack, or pat his back and softly murmur "it's ok, Josiah, it's ok." (Josiah often responds to these ministrations with a truly awful show of spite, throwing the proffered objects on the floor and screaming, but so far Thomas remains unhurt and undaunted.) I love watching my little boys transform into "big brother". I remember when Jonathan did it with Thomas and it is really fun to watch that sweetness happen again.

Today I haven't been feeling well and was hoping to take a nap in the afternoon. Jonathan and Josiah cooperated by falling asleep, but Thomas wasn't sleepy at all. So when the hour of quiet time was up, I mustered a smile and prepared to be back on duty. Only, this lovely introvert didn't really need me. He had a hug and a snuggle, then went happily over to a pile of duplos and built things, humming and talking quietly to himself. Occasionally he brought something over to display, but it bothered him not one bit that I was lying prone on the couch instead of playing with him.

As I was prepping dinner, Thomas asked for a snack. I provided one, and he grinned and told me that this snack was about to make him into a grown up. "Really?" I asked, "go look into the mirror and see." So he's been running to the mirror between bites, checking to see if he's a grown up yet. A moment ago he informed me that yes, now he is a grown up.


Mom said...

Maybe not a grown-up yet, but he sure is looking older. Way to go, Mom & Dad - this good character development requires a lot of help and guidance along the way.

Care said...

I realized while reading this post that I would gladly read a blog dedicated entirely to Thomas! Haha! I love that little boy so much! I recognize the Lego boat in the first picture, we had a lot of fun "floating" it on Friday night!!