Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dr. Biter AKA "Dr. Wonderful"

Dr. Biter (often referred to as "Dr. Wonderful") is a OB in the San Diego area. He is known for his care of patients and championing a woman's right to choose a birth without intervention. On May 7th, his privileges at Scripps hospital were suspended without notice. Scripps is not currently commenting.

Dr. Biter is one of those doctors that we all wish we could have - the doctor who takes his time, offers support and respect, and sits on his hands instead of reaching for his scalpel. And while we don't know the details or what exactly is going on, it is worthwhile to follow the story and (I think) to support this man who has given so much to his patients.

Dou-la-la has some excerpts of a beautiful birth story (Dr. Biter attending) here.

She also has the most current details.

Photo credit: EOS Photography

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