Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Triple observations

1) Any given task will not be accomplished without at least three interruptions. Some days each interruption is tripartite, resulting in nine interruptions per task intended.

2) Laundry produced by an adult is 1/3 the amount of laundry produced by a child. On rainy days, triple that proportion.

3) The more children are involved in baking, the more time it will take. The general rule in our house is 3x children = 3x baking time. It is also 3x the fun, IF and ONLY IF Mommy has resigned herself to this rule in advance. (We just baked muffins. It took us 90 minutes. But we definitely had fun.)

So, does baking muffins with nine children in the kitchen take 4.5 hours?

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Megan said...

This was a cute post. So true, my daughter (who is 2) loves to help make toast. Who would have thought that making toast would take extra time just because a toddler is helping! The extra time lies in the fact that she must butter it "all by herself"!

I left a comment in response to your Walgreens comment about the shampoo and wanted to make sure you checked it out. I agree with your comment of purchasing things just because you can and how silly that is, so I hope that my comment will answer that question for you. Thanks for visiting my blog!