Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy day

When we became a one car family, my weekday life actually got a lot better. I didn't have to do any errands because, well, I couldn't do any errands. It required me to stop trying to do everything, and thus allowed me to do a better job with the kids and the house. I like it.

Unfortunately, all errands can't be skipped all the time. And so our weekends have a tendency to be very full now! Today we packed the car like we were heading out on a day trip (well, we were!) and off we went. It actually went beautifully, and was kind of fun because most of the errands were done together. Family time, even in the car and buying groceries, is still time together, and it can be good.

So, what did we do? Thank you so much for asking, because I'm dying to share. :)

* Dropped off bags of clothes at Charity's Closet (a thrift store for a women's shelter our church supports).
* Took my sewing machine to Moore's, where it did NOT need to be serviced (thank goodness!) and I got some good education on how to use it better.
* Bought groceries at Henry's.
* Had my wedding ring cleaned and fixed (a prong had been knocked off kilter).
* Stopped at Starbucks to nurse Josiah and share a vanilla latte. Did you know that Starbucks will split a large drink so that you can share it with kids? I'm wildly impressed with their family friendliness.
* Went to the bank.
* Bought groceries at Sam's club.
* Filled the tank with gas.
* Exchanged a pair of shoes for Thomas.
* Went to Target for file folders and super-cheap snacks (I almost bought a beautiful clearanced bamboo bowl, but resisted. Maybe I can have it for my birthday, hint, hint, honey?)
* Bought groceries at Vons.
* Went back to Sam's club (with an empty van) to get a mattress for Thomas. He's sleeping in a big boy bed tonight!!

Yes, it took all day. But it is all DONE and except for weekly grocery trip to Vons, it won't need to be done again for weeks or at all.

And tomorrow we will have a lovely Sabbath rest.

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