Thursday, October 02, 2008


In the midst of the somewhat foggy first few days as a mother of three, one thing has really stood out to me. I am glad that my children have siblings. For them, because they have built in friends right here all the time. And for me, because I think it makes it easier to add the third child.

When Thomas was born, Jonathan had a really hard time for a few days, and I had a really hard time for a lot of days, because Jonathan had to adjust to losing me as his personal playmate. This time, both Jonathan and Thomas are adjusting to having less of my time, but in the past few days they have also suddenly morphed into the best of friends and playmates. They played together before, but they're spending more time together now, and without as many fights for me to break up. It looks to me like by having me forcibly removed the mix (as much) they've suddenly realized what a great thing their own relationship is. It is beautiful to watch.


Amber said...

I agree completely!

Gregory and Emma don't really fight all that much (and didn't any more before Nathan was born than after) but they definitely play together even more than they did even a few months ago. I love watching them interact (most of the time *ahem*) and watching their play develop and grow as they get older.

I've been thinking about you - I hope you're recovering well and getting lots of rest!

Libby said...

What beautiful boys you have!