Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Josiah update

Josiah is one month old, and we're all starting to find our new rhythm. It isn't perfect, but we're getting there! Siah still thinks that night-time sleep begins at 11pm or so. But last night he slept from 11pm until 5:30am and for that I will forgive him pretty much anything. :) Not that anything needs forgiving - he is such a happy, pleasant baby! He almost never cries, unless he's hungry or needs a new diaper. I can count on one hand the truly fussy days he's had so far.

During the day I lay the quilt that Jenn made for him on the floor in the family room, and that becomes Josiah's headquarters. (Jenn, we LOVE that quilt!) It provides a sort of "baby space" and the older boys tend to play around him but not on top of him! Josiah enjoys watching all the activity going on around him, and Jonathan and Thomas take regular breaks from their games to pet his head and kiss him.

We just started doing some tummy time with Siah, and incredibly, he likes it! Neither Jonathan nor Thomas appreciated tummy time. :) He also likes a pacifier, which is another new and wonderful trait. Josiah may look like his brothers did, but he is decidedly his own little person.

He is still having trouble nursing, and I would appreciate prayers that this would resolve quickly. He tends to not open his jaw enough, and also he just. won't. stay. latched. I re-latch him about every 1-2 minutes, sometimes more often. It makes it very difficult to do anything else while nursing, even just reading to J and T, because I'm using both of my hands so much.

Oh, and he is starting to smile! Darling, darling, darling. I think I could have twelve children and still be as charmed with the baby sweetness of the twelfth as of the first.

Not that I want to have twelve children, mind! :) But oh, the sweetness of a newborn!


Jenn said...

Oh yay, I'm so glad you like the quilt :).

It's fun to read your updates--and see pictures! Definitely looking forward to the day we get to meet him in person.

Sarah Marie said...

That is an incredible quilt! Jenn makes me feel so lame and inferior in my meager sewing skills... heh. Jenn made a quilt for Nathan and me when we got married and it's gorgeous.

I like the nickname "Siah." My friend Story's calls her husband Josiah "Jo," and he calls her "Sto." Cute.

Sarah Marie said...

Oh, I also wanted to ask about Josiah's cute onesie. Did you make that? I've seen ideas for sewing little designs into onesies from cute print fabric... love it! He's adorable.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

sarah marie, I didn't make it, but another Etsy mom did. Take a look at some of her things here: